Company culture

Core Value

Proactive attitude

Proactive attitude

The members of startups with a small unit are can be the leader who oversees the project while doing the work.
So for the members of a startup... In other words, for us, proactiveness and a proactive attitude are very important factors.
The subject of all work is ‘we’, and the resulting reward and responsibility are also ‘ours’.
Whether we are leaders or not, we always act as the owner and take the initiative in carrying out projects.



Persistence, an insight from a new perspective on a problem or phenomenon
It is not self-righteousness or intolerance, it is not self-righteousness or stubbornness.
Persistence provides a new perspective and imagination that goes far beyond the essence of a problem through constant exploration and discovery of problems or phenomena.
Pin's journey to develop humanity's last therapeutic agent, we persistently find and grow talent with 99% of tenacity to create 1% of ideas.

Communication and Collaboration

Communication and Collaboration

We don't want talented people with outstanding geniuses alone.
We know better, but that doesn't mean we are always right.
Colleagues can find out what we didn't know before, and they can find answers to problems we couldn't solve.
That is why we are looking for people who have respect and trust and who can say that I am wrong, and our colleagues may be right. These people are a better fit for us.

Analytical power

Analytical power

When faced with a problem, we approach it through a 'closer analysis' rather than a feeling or guess based on past experiences.
Look at the current situation accurately and soberly and try to figure out the cause.
Remind ourselves of what our intention were in the first place and re-analyze what was the problem from the beginning.
We improve and evolve like that.

Constructive Criticism

Constructive Criticism

You need to be able to make constructive criticism so that both individuals and companies can advance one step further.
Here, ‘criticism’ has a completely different meaning and intent from blame, so the difference must be distinguished.
Constructive criticism should lead to ‘positive change’ and ‘good results’.
Even if you have good intentions, it can only hurt if it is not productive and cannot have a positive impact.
We are very wary of these destructive accusations.
We think, propose, and act constructively today to create a better tomorrow for all of us.

Benefit & Culture


Flex-time work (or stagged commuting system)

Come to work freely between 7am and 10am
according to the lifestyle of each member.


Annual leave without approval

Use the given annual leave on your discretion without approval.

health checkup

Comprehensive health checkup

Healthiness of members is very important to the company!
We support over 80 various comprehensive checkups every year.


Welfare Point

Get the welfare you need!
We have a welfare point system that you can choose from.


Friday Gourmet

The last Friday of every month is Friday Gourmet Day!
We create a healthy dining culture by
exploring restaurants together with our members.


Free Snack

Delicious snacks are prepared every week for
our hard-working members.


Holiday Gift

We will prepare a small but heartfelt holiday gift.